Jan 18

Start #Veganuary with help from Macacha

By Phoebe Spuyman

Veganuary is here – the month when we are all encouraged to embrace a healthy, ecologically sustainable vegan lifestyle.

Join the movement and discover MACACHA’s certified vegan, natural plant protein shakes.  Formulated to support the mind and body throughout active days, MACACHA shakes are composed of raw, vegan superfoods with a balance of ingredients selected to offer a particular benefit; ENERGY or PEACE; The perfect complement to a health vegan lifestyle.

Start Veganuary the Right Way With some of Macacha’s Vegan Recipes

BREAKFAST: Apple, Blueberry & Cinammon Protein Porridge

LUNCH: Winter Warming Pumpkin Soup

DINNER: Superstar Sweet Potato Bowl

You can find some of Macacha’s favourite recipes online here.

And for a snack….

MACACHA Energy:  A high protein, nutrient dense, plant protein vanilla shake with Yerba Mate, formulated specifically for active people looking to support a high-energy lifestyle. £32: 500g drum

MACACHA Peace: This shake is formulated specially for yogis who love the feeling of calm and serenity that follows your practice. £32: 500g drum

Whatever your reasons for taking part in Veganuary – to help the planet, reduce the suffering of animals, or embrace a new, healthier way of life – make Macacha’s plant based protein shakes part of your plans for a vegan January.