May 19

American Smile & Happy Kids Dental

By Phoebe Spuyman

Introducing London’s newest premium Dental Health Practice – a centre for excellence in preventative corrective and aesthetic dentistry. Offering first class dental health care for every generation, the new clinic in Cadogan Square, comprises American Smile and Happy Kids Dental. With leading practitioners using the
latest revolutionary methods across every life stage, the clinic provides the highest quality dental health services, education and wellness in a refined, relaxing environment.

AMERICAN SMILE: Bringing the Hollywood Smile to London

American Smile specialises in bringing the ultimate, beautiful, natural looking smile to their clients. With each patient receiving an entirely bespoke service, American Smile represents a level of dental care and expertise that has never before been available in London. Set in luxurious surroundings more reminiscent of a spa than a clinic, clients are invited to sit back and relax as they learn about the advanced technologies and proven treatments available from globally renowned experts. Each of the highly trained clinicians have many years of experience and follow the standards of the British and American Dental Association.American Smile offers a comprehensive range of dental services for all adult dental needs, including general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, such as whitening,cosmetic bonding, veneers and advanced orthodontic work.

HAPPY KIDS DENTAL: Creating a generation who love caring for their teeth

Happy Kids Dental is the largest business of leading paediatric professionals in the UK, with a focus on providing advanced paediatric oral health treatments in a relaxed, fun environment that children will love to visit. From TVs on the ceiling above the dental chair to a giant toy ‘brushing station’, everything at this award winning clinic is designed to put children at ease and set them up for a lifetime of caring for
their teeth. Happy Kids Dental Teen Orthodontics: This floor is designed with eye-catching, cool and ‘Instagrammable’ graffiti and comic book artwork. Offering extensive corrective dentistry with the aim to provide orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth, correct any remaining issues with the bite and “set up a smile for life”. Gaps, crowding, misaligned bites can be corrected with braces including fixed and removable solutions.


Located at: 18 CADOGAN GARDENS · LONDON · SW3 2RP · T: 020 3973 9266
For more information about American Smile and Happy Kids Dental please contact:
Imagination PR : 020 3384 9750 / louize@imaginationpr.co.uk