Oct 17

Amly launch third luxurious facial mist, Beauty Sleep

By Phoebe Spuyman

This November sees the launch of Beauty Sleep, a saviour for fatigued skin, it is a powerful youth-inducing bedtime essential that promotes natural healing sleep while boosting overnight collagen production.  A star ingredient and ally to maturing skin is the incredible Snow Algae, a beautiful single-cell organism that actively grows on glacial snow and can help to prolong the healthy life of skin cells. At the heart of Beauty Sleep is Amly’s treasured silver-rich spring water, collected from a natural stream which flows through the heart of their organic wildflower meadow in East Sussex.  This unique self-replenishing supply filters through ancient mineral-rich rock, making it an incredibly pure source of highly bio-accessible silver salts, trace elements and minerals – all of which are naturally soothing, revitalising and healing.