Feb 20

Bramley encourage Random Acts of Kindness on 17th February

By Phoebe Spuyman

Monday 17th Feb 2020 is Random Act of Kindness Day and to celebrate Bramley will become ‘RAKtivists’ by spreading little bottles of kindness across Britain

500 bottles of Bramley Body Wash (100ml/ worth £8 each) will be placed across bus stops, hospitals and parks throughout the country with notes addressed to trangers, who are welcome to keep them or pass the products on to someone they think needs a treat.

Bramley will celebrate the day by reposting their reactions on Instagram, and there will also be scratch card style offers across social media, where ‘everyone’s a winner’ including discount codes, free delivery, 50% off and one lucky person will win a bathroom full of Bramley.

This national day was created by  kindness.org, a non-profit with the hypothesis: ‘Kindness is the catalyst in solving the world’s biggest challenges’. Bramley is supporting a cause close to their heart, so look out for a Bramley Body Wash near you.

“We want to spread love and kindness to others with an unexpected gift. After all, everyone deserves a little pick me up or treat, because it’s the smaller things that brighten someone’s day.”

Chloë Luxton, Founder

Bramley products are available from www.bramleyproducts.co.uk
For more information on Bramley’s Random Act of Kindness or other Bramley products, please contact Imagination PR: 020 3384 9750 or Emily@imaginationpr.co.uk