Jul 19

Bramley Introduces New Sustainable Packaging Options

By Phoebe Spuyman

Bramley, the bath, body & home brand inspired by the British countryside, is making a range of sustainable beauty choices available to its customers.

From next month, Bramley customers will be given the option to choose glass bottles as an alternative to their sugar cane plastic bottles when ordering online.Customers may decide for themselves whether they would prefer to opt for glass as a more sustainable option, after taking into account the extra weight and associated increased fuel and transport costs.

Alternatively, they may choose biopolymer HDPE plastic bottles, which are produced using ethanol from the waste of sugar cane. The renewable sugarcane captures CO2from the atmosphere, therefore helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is much more sustainable than the standard method of production, where bottles are made using fossil based raw materials.

“It was really important to us at Bramley that our customers could make their own choices around sustainability,” explained Chloë Luxton, Bramley Founder and Creative Director. “Some people may believe that glass is the best option, and so we want them to have that choice. Others may opt for a lighter material such as bio polymer HDPE plastic to make less of a footprint. We believe that by giving our customers the information about the different options, they can make an informed choice.”

Bramley also offers customers the option to further cut down on waste by ordering 5 litre bottles of product, which come with a free 250ml glass bottle. Bramley will cover the cost of postage and packing, as well as guaranteeing to recycle the 5 litre bottles that are returned to them. Making this an environmentally and wallet friendly option

Bramley 1 litre bottle: £42
Bramley 250 ml glass bottles: £16
Bramley 5 litre cans with glass bottle: £140 (£7.50 per 250ml)

Available from www.bramleyproducts.co.uk