Nov 21

Bramley Little B Cleansing Water A new, gentle way to care for very young skin

By Phoebe Spuyman

Little ones’ skin needs special care. It is thinner than ours and can quickly lose moisture. Although handy, wipes can be drying and are unsustainable – even eco brands often end up in landfill. At Bramley, we knew there must be a more natural way to care for little faces (and bottoms!).

We created Little B Cleansing Water to be a helping hand for parents of babies and
small children. It can be used with cotton wool pads or reusable cotton pads, and the flower water formula couldn’t be more delicate. With 100% natural ingredients there is nothing in it that will irritate or upset the skin, so there’s no need to rinse it away.


The gentlest of botanical ingredients…

Chamomile Water
Naturally anti-inflammatory to calm redness.

Rose Water
Has an antiseptic effect to help balance sensitive skin.

Organic Apple Extract
Contains anti-oxidants. Gobbling up free-radicals before they can cause any irritation or damage to little ones’ skin.

Gardenia Florida Extract
Helps to maintain the moisture content of the skin so that the natural barrier is maintained. This is especially important in the nappy area.


Ways to use
·For tiny babies, use with cotton wool or a reusable pad to help clean the nappy area when changing your baby. The formula will cleanse and soothe this delicate skin.
·Clean and freshen little one’s faces with cotton wool or a reusable pad.
·Perfect for cleaning baby’s folds and creases in between baths.
·Keep a bottle in the car along with a soft muslin cloth for on-the-go cleaning of sticky hands and faces.
·Add a dash to bath water for a delicate scent and all-over skin-caring benefits.


Our Little B Cleansing Water comes in the following sizes…

A small one for the changing bag, £4

The perfect travel size, £8

For your little one’s room at home, £14