Jun 21

de Mamiel Skin Clinic launches new Digital Fatigue Facial exclusive to The Nomad

By Phoebe Spuyman

The smallest everyday moments can evolve into meaningful rituals that strengthen connection, balance and presence; all key to our overall health and wellbeing.


With everything in life though, there will always be lifestyle factors and aggressors that can tip that balance; one of them most commonly seen today – digital fatigue.


By fully appreciating the innate intelligence of skin, de Mamiel founder, Annee de Mamiel, introduces her nurturing Digital Fatigue Facial, a grounding, hands-on ritual that addresses everything the skin and mind require to reconnect and unwind. This new and timely facial has been created to nurture the face and body whilst counteracting the negative effects of too much exposure to blue light, or HEV (high energy visible) light, which is emitted from screens.


Designed to calm and soothe city living skin, the Digital Fatigue Facial infuses powerful natural antioxidants to target inflammation and boost skin cell metabolism to intensely hydrate the skin and restore radiance and glow.


The experience begins with a unique cleansing ritual to deliver deep stress and tension release in the facial muscles and ligaments. Qi rejuvenation massage follows, allowing for increased circulation to nourish the skin and drain toxins.


The 75 minute treatment works to cleanse, feed and repair the skin whilst soothing and calming the mind to offer the ultimate protection from the harsh environment of today’s world. The complexion is left feeling energised and brightened by an oxygen dome mask, whilst looking intensely hydrated and plumped with a glow from within.



de Mamiel Digital Fatigue Facial, £250 for 75 Minutes
Launches June 2021 exclusively at de Mamiel @ The Nomad