Mar 23

De Mamiel Spring Oil

By Phoebe Spuyman

Designed specifically to help transition your skin from the richer routines of the drying winter months, the returning Spring Facial Oil uses a unique combination of aromatic oils, fatty acids and anti-inflammatories to give your skin everything it needs as the weather warms up. The beautifully uplifting, natural blend, brimming with all-important antioxidants, works not only to rejuvenate the spirit thanks to its bespoke combination of restorative flower essences, but also to awaken dull, winter-worn complexions and bring back visible vitality.

#Lab Notes
Boosts circulation for rejuvenated skin with extracts of rosemary and thyme.
Restores brightness, radiance and redness with grapefruit, lemon myrtle and clary sage.
Keeps skin balanced with sebum-managing jojoba, rice bran and juniper.
Skin barrier is strengthened and moisture retained with precious elderberry and marshmallow root which also act to protect skin from pollutants.