Jun 18

Enhance your Eyes with a Perfectly Matte Eyeshadow Trio

By Phoebe Spuyman

“Older faces don’t need more makeup – just the right makeup applied in the right way” Tricia Cusden, Look Fabulous Forever and author of Living the life more fabulous

Why is it that matte eyeshadows are more flattering for older eyes?

“Matte eyeshadows will add colour and shading without drawing attention to the creases on your lids, unlike frosted or shimmery shadows”, says Tricia Cusden, Founder, Look Fabulous Forever. “They enhance and flatter a beautiful pair of older eyes, opening them up to make them your best feature”.

Look Fabulous Forever’s NEW No Shimmer Eye Shade Trios are entirely matte. They are made without even a hint of shimmer for a look that is smooth and flattering, with a texture that is designed to last throughout the day. Each trio is composed of three complementary shades; so you can choose whether to subtly blend the colours together or simply apply your favourite shade for an eye enhancing, matte finish.

No Shimmer Eye Shade Trios are available in both a warm and cool
palette, so you can choose the one best suited to your skin tone. Select Warm Browns if your skin has a yellow undertone, or opt for Cool Blues if your skin has a blue undertone.

Look Fabulous Forever is the multi-award winning makeup collection
conceived, designed and formulated exclusively for older women. From foundation designed to give more mature skin an extra bit of hydration to luscious lip colours formulated to prevent fine-line feathering, Look Fabulous Forever has been created to enhance an older woman’s beauty, rather than conceal it.

No Shimmer Eye Shade Trios £25.00 each, launched end of May 2018

Living the Life More Fabulous: Beauty, Style & Empowerment for Older Women is Tricia Cusden’s first book. Covering a range of issues from makeup application to ways to stay fit and healthy in older life, it is available from selected retailers nationwide and costs £20

Look Fabulous Forever is available at www.lookfabulousforever.com @lookfabforever