Mar 20


By Phoebe Spuyman

A pioneering full body treatment to target ageing at a sub-cellular level

Introducing The Eudelo Cell HIIT, advanced high altitude training with health benefits.  Brought to the UK by Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams and the award-winning Eudelo team, this pioneering treatment combines German IHHT (intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment) technology to regenerate the cells’ mitochondria and provide sub-cellular anti-ageing benefits in combination with brainwave entertainment.

During the relaxing 45 minute sessions the breathing air is cycled between lower and higher oxygen concentrations in a controlled manner, giving cells an exceptional anti-ageing workout— the equivalent of climbing up and down a mountain 5 times.


The high-tech IHHT system takes the physiological experience of altitude training (hypoxic training) that has been used with great success by athletes for a long time, one step further.

  • IHHT can help to improve cell function and boost cellular fitness by regenerating mitochondria
  • Optimise stress resistance, increasing protection against oxidative stress (anti-ageing from the inside out)
  • Strengthen the immune system, and improved HRV (heart rate variability), which helps you cope with stress better

An imbalance of free radical generation and antioxidant supply causes oxidative stress which is one of the main causes for ageing. The visible consequences of cellular ageing include loss of skin elasticity, wrinkle formation, as well as irregular pigmentation.

During IHHT, the body adapts to the alternating oxygen-poor and oxygen-rich air levels through increased production of red blood cells, generation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) and other things. As a result, more oxygen can be transported through the body including to the skin, and ultimately into the cells.  During each session, your heart rate and oxygen blood levels are continuously monitored.

The Eudelo Cell HIIT initiates a multitude of health-promoting mechanisms that help our cells’ mitochondria to regenerate, thus increasing cellular vitality, which accelerates cell regeneration via optimising mitochondrial function and reduction of oxidative stress, amongst many other benefits—resulting in healthier skin, more energy and less stress.


The Eudelo Cell HIIT
Duration of each session: 45minutes
Available at Eudelo from December 2019
Available as an annual pass £12,500 of 42 session: initially 2 sessions per week, then 2 sessions

For maintenance, you may continue with a couple of sessions per month, or repeat a full course once per year.


Dr Stefanie Williams is Founder and Medical Director at Eudelo. She is a fully qualified, GMC registered medical doctor, a Specialist Dermatologist and key opinion leader in the industry. Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing is a Dermatologist-led, multi-award-winning private skin clinic in Central London. Eudelo not only treats the entire spectrum of skin diseases and troubled skin, but also practices Aesthetic Dermatology, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.