May 19

Himalayan Spring Water: The Potent H2O Proven to Revitalise Skin

By Phoebe Spuyman

Immerse your skin in the clinically proven benefits of pure, mineral rich Himalayan Spring Water with the Herbal Essentials skincare collection. It’s no secret that water is essential for a healthy, glowing complexion but did you know that when it comes to skincare, not all water is created equal? Thermal and spa waters are known to help alleviate dry, sensitive and inflamed skin mainly through the actions of essential minerals present in these waters. However, it is important to note that not all thermal and spa waters have the same beneficial effects on skin mainly due to the differences in the compositions of these minerals dependent on where the water originates. Himalayan Spring Water is the thermal water which forms the central ingredient in the award-winning Herbal Essentials range, sourced directly from the foothills of the mountains. It is an active ingredient and its unique blend of skin conditioning minerals, in particular calcium, magnesium and potassium, helps improve skin regeneration in order to have more plump, supple and uniform-healthy looking skin.

Recent clinical trials have proved that the blend of minerals in Himalayan Spring Water revitalise skin. So, what makes Himalayan Spring Water so beneficial?

  • Himalayan Spring Water contains a blend of essential minerals which are beneficial for your skin – making it an active ingredient in its own right.
  • Himalayan Spring Water has a high MAGNESIUM content, which aids skin by reducing damage to skin cells and vital proteins and helping to keep the outer barrier of the skin intact. It minimises dry skin conditions, calms sensitive skin and
    reduces redness.
  • It is also high in CALCIUM, which helps to generate new skin cells to replace old ones, making skin appear more youthful. It also helps produce skin antioxidants, minimising the breakdown of collagen and elastin.
  • Himalayan Spring Water includes POTASSIUM, which is needed to maintain healthy skin by balancing the amount of water, keeping cells hydrated and skin moisturised from within.
  • In vitro testing proven that Himalayan Spring Water helps promotes skin cell turnover – a process which is crucial to the generation of healthy new skin cells to leave skin looking supple, smooth and even.

Introducing The Himalayan H2O Heroes: All of the range including our Moisturisers, Masks & Exfoliators contain Himalayan Spring Water but the following products have a greater content thus boosting skin renewal which we have called our Himalayan H2O heroes. A range of benefit driven products, blended with Himalayan Spring Water and natural essences to leave skin radiant.

Micellar Water – £13/200ml

Purify skin with this multipurpose Micellar water, bursting with the benefits of Himalayan Spring Water and a blend of pro-vitamin B5 and betaine to gently soothe and calm.

Foaming Face Wash £18/150ml

The Himalayan Spring Water in Herbal Essentials Foaming Face Wash utilises the natural cleansing power of botanical extracts of White Lily, together with the invigorating properties of Ginger to leave skin radiant.

Refreshing Toner £15/150ml

Cucumber Extract and Rose Damascena Flower Water revitalises, calms and provides long lasting hydration in this refreshing toner.

Purifying Face Wash £14/100ml

Neem extract which helps brighten skin and hyssop a natural pore refining cleanser, are blended with Himalayan Spring Water in this purifying wash, suitable for breakout prone skin.

Purifying Toner £15/150ml

This purifying toner uses Neem extract to control excess oil and peppermint oil to cool and calm sensitive skin; blended with Himalayan Spring Water to leave skin revitalised.

About: Herbal Essentials is a French manufactured beauty and lifestyle brand that seeks to optimise skin health, using pure Himalayan Spring Water in combination with active plant botanicals. Inspired by the power of native Himalayan ingredients, our ‘clean’ skincare products derive their efficacy from the perfect blend of ancient beauty wisdom and science. Consistently delivering healthy, radiant, more youthful looking skin with highperformance, botanical skincare. Comprising of four skincare ranges; three benefit driven ranges of Radiance, Hydration and Purifying, and one
collection which has been designed to provide an overall boost to all skin types. The whole collection has been clinically trialled, cruelty and mostly gluten free and suitable for vegans. Herbal Essentials central philosophy of clean formulations means a strict blacklist of chemical ingredients – so the collection is over 90% natural origin content, with no mineral oils, silicones, sulphates or parabens. In keeping with Herbal Essentials strong commitment to preserving the environment, all packaging is recyclable, with bottles composed of glass polymer rather than plastic.

Discover the power of Himalayan Spring Water in Herbal Essentials Skincare Collection Available from Amazon and on www.herbal-essentials.com

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