May 21

Hydra-Fill The Celebrity go-to ‘Red Carpet Facial’

By Phoebe Spuyman

How does Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan get her skin
‘camera-ready’ for awards season? Look no further than awarding winning microbiome friendly skincare brand Meder Beauty. Their hero Hydra-Fill Mask is the closest you can get to an instant non-invasive beauty treatment to brighten, plump and deeply hydrate skin. Perfect to use before important events, when skin needs to be soothed and looking radiant.

Hydra-Fill Mask has quickly become a go-to instant beauty solution with the Hollywood A-list due to the endorsement by the star beautician Joanna Czech,
who has prepped numerous stars for Golden Globe Awards and Met Gala Red Carpet moments. Her clients include Michelle Williams, Amber Valetta, Rooney and Kate Mara, Christy Turlington, Kyra Sedgwick and Jennifer Aniston.

Promising Young Woman star, Carey Mulligan, recently revealed to Harper’s Bazaar UK that the she absolutely loves the instant skin transforming HydraFill Mask and is her go-to before any big event.

What makes Hydra-Fill Mask so special? The formulation of the active gel is innovative and unique, unlike anything else on the market. It blends low and high molecular weight ingredients to give the skin three-dimensional hydration. The skin is moisturised on each level, from the surface to the deep, without any heavy or sticky feeling – the lasting effect being noticeable days after application.

What’s in the formulation? Natural moisturising agents extracted from Irish moss alga (chondrus crispus) act like water magnets helping the skin to retain moisture. Gluconolactone acid (polyhydroxy acid) helps renew the skin while also soothing it, fighting free radicals and suppressing inflammation. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin aided by an innovative ionised complex of deep-sea water naturally increasing the production of the skin’s own hyaluronic acid. Rare and new prebiotics tranexamic acid, vitamin E and Skinasensyl l™ peptides combine to prevent glycation-related damage and provide advanced
hydration, skin lightening and repair.

The Mask contains 30ml of active gel soaking a stretchy sheet mask made of natural organic bamboo fibre. Advanced hyper-baring technology fills up each mask under high pressure so not a drop of precious gel is lost so when applied the skin gets an immediate sensation of cool, moisturising and soothing comfort. The unique shape of the mask folds itself around the face and under the chin secured around the ears, to cover maximum possible skin surface and stays in place, even during active movement or speaking.

Top Tip “Warming the sealed mask sachet in hot water for a few of minutes makes it easier to apply and is very relaxing” Says Meder fan, Dr Sophie Shotter.

The result? Moisturising power alone would’ve made Hydra-Fill Mask a star product, but it has a visible brightening effect from the Tranexamic acid that helps even out the complexion, calms the overreacting pigment cells and reduces inflammation. Weekly use of Hydra-Fill Mask will instantly and deeply moisturise and smooth out the skin surface, erase wrinkles and eliminate signs of fatigue to reveal perfectly polished and glowing skin.

For who? Hydra-Fill Mask is a part of Meder Beauty skincare regime designed for dry, dull and fragile skin e.g. frequent fliers; stressed urban dwellers; anyone with a big event who needs to look their best. The biggest advantage of tranexamic acid is that it the Dermatologist’s safe goto brightener for all skin types and tones, from the fairest to the darkest. Like all Meder Beauty products, Hydra-Fill Mask is skin-friendly and inclusive.

Price? Box of 5 Hydra-Fill Masks £61 (also included in the 6 step at-home Hydra-Fill DIY Facial Kit £350)

About Meder Beauty? Swiss made cosmeceutical brand,founded in 2009 by visionary dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder and the first professional microbiome-friendly
Skincare line to use pre and probiotics to focus on the restoration and maintenance of the skin’s barrier function and local immunity. Fusing effective and innovative ingredients, both outsourced from nature and created in a lab, they are pioneers in cutting-edge biotechnology. Dr Meder strives to achieve maximum pain free beneficial aesthetic effects to support and help skin look and feel healthy at any time in life.

Available at mederbeauty.com