Jul 20

Imagination PR has been appointed to handle the PR for Spots & Stripes

By Phoebe Spuyman

Imagination PR has been appointed to handle the PR for Spots & Stripes, a brand formulated for the unique needs of tween and teen skin.  Developed by Charlotte-Anne Fidler, a mother of two teen girls with a background in beauty and glossy magazines, the fun-looking products for skin and hair are formulated to be safe and gentle on young skin, but with high performance formulations that are effective and perfect for this age-group. Spots & Stripes is made in the English countryside using the very best natural ingredients and is earth-friendly, ethically sourced and contains 0% Parabens, SLS, Phthalates, Mineral Oil and many other ingredients parents want to avoid.

This July sees the launch of Stay Safe – Hand Cleansing Spray (125ml/ £12), a 99% natural multipurpose, germ-bashing spray which combines a super-power combo of 60% alcohol and tea tree oil to knock out viruses and bacteria. Thyme and eucalyptus downsize inflammation and boost the immune system, whilst peppermint and organic aloe vera leaf juice soothe, heal and moisturise, leaving hands soft, clean and smelling delicious. Also new, Skin Goals – Hydrating Face Mist  (125ml/ £18 Boy and Girl versions available) is a teen twist on moisturiser – a multi-talented and refreshing face spray that protects the skin’s natural barrier and delivers just the right amount of hydration to young faces.