Nov 17

Imagination PR will now manage the press and publicity for Cosmetic Physician, Dr Sarah Tonks

By Phoebe Spuyman

Dr Sarah Tonks is a global master in the field of beauty enhancement with an enviable reputation for tasteful, natural results.  Dr Tonks possesses the perfect combination of high-level training, extensive experience and natural-talent, holding doctorates in medicine and dentistry and diplomas in cosmetic science and dermatology. Dr Tonks practices within her clinic concept, The Lovely Clinic (TLC), located within the D Thomas Clinic on Walton Street, and provides leading facial and external beauty enhancement techniques and is soon to offer longevity therapies and medicine for inner vitality.

Dr Tonks has developed a method within TLC known as The Process™, which takes a conversation-led approach to every client, working with them to identify and understand what support is needed and how to achieve it through a tailored treatment programme. Dr Tonks offers a full consultation, a 3D scan of the facial structure and supplements this with close measurements to build an accurate profile of the face using 3D modelling and an in depth skin analysis. She then creates a bespoke plan combining several treatments rather than recommending one narrow procedure.  The result is a beautiful appearance which is both balanced, authentic and avoids unnatural enhancement of certain features with neglect of the surrounding areas of the face. The Process has earned her the confidence of her clients to share their aspirations and then simply place their trust and their face in her hands.