Sep 22

Imbue Curl Brushes & Curl Uplifting Conditioning Foam

By Phoebe Spuyman

Curl Brushes

It’s time to get excited about curl styling. The new bounce boosting Brush Collection from Imbue has been created to give curly people everywhere the ultimate washday toolkit – giving you the curls you’ve always wanted.

Every item in this six piece vegan, PET plastic collection has been designed to help bring the ease and fun back into curl styling – and to allow you to love your kinks, curls and coils even more than you already do.


Curl Uplifting Conditioning Foam

Imbue Curl Uplifting Conditioning Foam isvthe styling foam that loves your curls just asvmuch as you do. Celebrate, energise and elevate every kink, coil and twist – because Curl Uplifting Conditioning Foam isn’t here to control your curls, it’s here to enhance them.

Created especially with 3A to 3C curls in mind, Curl Uplifting Conditioning Foam’s feather light formulation adds serious shine and definition to curls without weighing them down. Enriched with Sweet Almond Extract and Coconut Oil, this lightweight styler boosts volume and smooths hair to enhance your natural curl pattern.