Apr 23

It’s A 10 Five Minute Repair for Blondes

By Phoebe Spuyman

Looking to keep your blonde hair long, strong and healthy without the need for a dozen different products? Look no further. This Five Minute Mask repairs, restores, revives and is ideal for natural or colour treated hair. Blondes may have more fun, but they often require more TLC when it comes to looking after their hair. This miracle product offers 10 benefits in one, so you can keep your hair (and bank balance) healthy and happy. The ultra-light formula cares for your colour and overall hair condition without weighing the hair down.

A unique compound of natural ingredients work to:

1. Help repair damage
2. Add radiance to blonde tones
3. Deeply moisturise
4. Improve elasticity
5. Prevent brassiness
6. Inhibit hair breakage
7. Protect from UV damage
8. Leave hair soft and silky
9. Protect from thermal heat damage
10. Enhance natural shine