May 22

Lano Vanilla Hand Cream Intense

By Phoebe Spuyman

NEW mouth-watering addition

From our best-selling range of Hand Cream Intense comes a mouth-watering addition, the NEW Vanilla Hand Cream Intense.

Infused with rich natural Vanilla and enriched with the power of triple lanolin — this hydrating cream will soften and transform your hands and nails.

Key Ingredients:

Our superstar-hero-ingredient with the big heart. The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human oils, which is why we call it ‘Nature’s Wonder Moisturiser’.

Super rich and creamy, it’s a great skin conditioner.

This sweet, creamy and classic flavour will transport you back to a Summers day with an ice cream cone in hand.

RRP £8.99

Available from: Cultbeauty.co.uk, Selfridges.com and Lanolips.co.uk