May 22

Lee Stafford Curl Brushes

By Phoebe Spuyman

Detangle, define, smooth, separate, bolster and boost your curls.

Curl care should never be complicated. That’s why the right tools are essential. Lee Stafford unveils new For Love of Curls Brush & Combs Collection – a dedicated capsule brush and comb collection created to make experimenting, styling and defining your curls a breeze.

When it comes to curls, one size definitely does not fit all. Curly hair requires bounce boosting, coil caring, wave loving hair tools to help you style your curls with confidence.

New Lee Stafford For the Love of Curls Brush & Comb Collection makes easy to use, functional tools the name of the game.


Wide Pin Paddle Brush: £10.99

Flexible, widely spaced pins made this paddle brush super gentle on waves and curls (2A -3C). The flexible pins make it perfect to use on wet hair to separate and detangle.


Curl Defining Brush: £8.99

Adjustable pins mean you can make this brush bespoke for your curls. The tighter your curls, the less rows you need- simply pop them out and play around to personalise, detangle and define your curls, your way.


Curl Detangling Comb: £6.99

Separate & define with our Curl Detangling Comb. This innovative comb has long, wide, wavy shaped teeth, eliminating knotty battles and making it easy to detangle.


2 in 1 Edge Brush & Comb: £3.99

Smooth and sculpt edges with new 2 in 1 Brush & Comb styler, taming any stray hairs for a glossy, sleek look. Firm, synthetic bristles distribute hair’s natural oils, delivering high shine and a polished finish that puts you firmly in control.


Double Lift Pick: £5.99

When you want added lift and volume without frizz, reach for new Double Lift Pick. A double row of sturdy, rounded teeth make Double Lift Pick the perfect tool to load tighter curls with sky high volume.


Experiment and play with Lee Stafford Love of Curls Brush & Comb Collection to create and define your curls, your way. Vegan and 100% curly girl friendly.

Discover Lee Stafford Brush & Combs at www.leestafford.com.and selected Boots nationwide.