Jun 24

Meder’s New Lumino Derm Collection

By Emily Lewis

Comprising Lumino-Derm Cream and Lumino-Derm Brightening Sheet Mask, the NEW Lumino-Derm Collection is designed to effectively target excess pigmentation and brighten the skin. These advanced new formulations are designed to both prevent new damage to the skin whilst effectively treating existing concerns, utilising ‘Cosmetic Drone’ technology to allow for precise treatment of affected areas.



This light, easily absorbed cream, effectively targets excess pigmentation and brightens the skin naturally using the power of innovative peptides, skin-identical ingredients and plant extracts. This cream simultaneously calms the skin and enhances its resilience to UV damage.


Lumino-Derm stands out as the first-ever brightening cream based on a blend of bio-technological ingredients. This exceptional formula works on all skin types, ensuring a natural, even skin tone without the undesired “halo” effect and sensitisation.


Key ingredients: natural amino acids cysteamine, anti-inflammatory tranexamic acid, prebiotics and probiotics, organic liquorice extract and the groundbreaking X50 Pure White peptide. This peptide is delivered with a special system known as the ‘cosmetic drone’, precisely targeting discoloured or hyperpigmented areas. How to use: Apply cream over the face twice as day, in the morning and at night for at least 5-10 weeks to eliminate unwanted pigmentation. Your skin will start to brighten after the first 2 weeks of use.



A revolutionary brightening sheet mask crafted from organic bamboo fibres and infused with an active gel, enriched with potent brightening and anti-inflammatory biotechnological and organic compounds designed for skin health.


More than a brightening solution, Lumino-Derm goes beyond, by preventing pigmentation, calming the skin and leaving it instantly bright, moisturised and refreshed after each application.


Additionally, in line with the signature design of all Meder masks, the Lumino-Derm features the gentle ear loops allowing the mask to comfortably and intelligently affix to your face and neck.


Key ingredients: Natural probiotics, derived from Greek yoghurt’s lactic bacteria, to restore the skin’s healthy microbiome and replenish moisture. Innovative peptides work harmoniously to eliminate pigmentation and visibly brighten the skin. Alpha-arbutin from bearberry and resveratrol from red grape, renowned for their brightening effects and contribute to restoring a natural and even skin tone.


How to use: Use it once or twice a week for a brightening effect or prevention of pigmentation. Also recommended for use after a aesthetic procedures such as a laser or RF therapy, chemical peels or dermabrasion to prevent unwanted pigmentation.