Nov 20

NEW Foot File by Ruby Hammer MBE

By Phoebe Spuyman

After the successful launch of The Nail Kit, Ruby Hammer MBE’s new crystal Foot File is the latest addition to her signature collection. The gentle way to remove dead skin and cells on heels and soles, suitable for wet and dry use, the foot file rejuvenates the skin with gentle exfoliation leaving excellent smooth results. Made from crystal, the foot file is responsibly made, 100% lead-free and sustainable so the foot file will last you a lifetime with no need to replace in the future.

With a reputation as one of the best-know and respected makeup artist in the industry, anyone who works with Ruby knows she’s a perfectionist and that being perfectly groomed top-to-toe is her signature look.


Ensure your feet are clean before filing the heels and sole of your feet  to remove dead skin, apply Weleda Skin Food all over for soft and beautiful heels.

For as long as I have known, I have always had Weleda Skin Food in my bathroom, in my kit, by my bedside… It is wonderful for all ages, wonderfully scented, rich and truly multifunctional. I use it to highlight cheeks, brush up brows, repair and revitalise dry shins, elbows and heels! It is the greatest product…. I simply love it no if’s, no buts, no maybes… just love! The perfect post file treat for your feet.

The Forever Foot File joins Ruby’s  eponymous collection made up of The Magnetic Brush, The Nail Kit, and Brush Pots.

Available both in-store and online at www.harveynichols.com and www.rubyhammer.com

For full list of stockists in the UK and beyond, please check the Ruby Hammer website.
Vegan and Cruelty-Free.
FOOT FILE  |  £22
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