Jan 22

NEW! IT’S A 10 BLOW DRY MIRACLE H20 SHIELD The final step to the perfect blow dry!

By Phoebe Spuyman

The NEW Miracle H20 Shield creates a unique water shield and has been designed to act as a top coat on your hair, providing an extra layer of protection against external stressors.

The weightless formula uniformly penetrates and seals the hair, repelling frizz and humidity – the perfect partner to any of the It’s a 10 Leave-In Products, apply to damp hair and blow dry for10 benefits!


Repels water
High Shine
Forms a shield against damage
Weightless formula
Superior detangling
Helps preserve blow-dried styles
Colour protectant
Heat activated
Helps sustain hair strength
Durable anti-frizz effect


Enriched with powerful strengthening ingredients – Sunflower Seed extract guards against colour fading & brassiness whilst Green Tea extract shields hair from environmental damage with powerful antioxidants.

CAROLYN SAYS: “This product fits beautifully into your existing routine. For the ultimate blow dry, use your Shampoo, Conditioner and Miracle Leave-In Product as usual. Towel dry hair until damp, then spray our H20 shield generously throughout. Use a hair dryer to heat activate.”

Just a couple spritzes is all it takes to lock out humidity and frizz-causing moisture. The ultimate product to help you achieve a salon-level stunning blow dry, every time you wash!