Nov 17

NEW LAUNCH: de Mamiel Sleep Series Collection

By Phoebe Spuyman

de Mamiel is excited to announce the launch of their botaniques Sleep Series, a collection of five formulations from world-renowned and award-winning skincare expert, Annee de Mamiel.

Annee has extensively researched reasons why we don’t sleep and what is keeping us awake. Not content with just making you sleepy, the Sleep Series addresses the root cause and not the symptom. It is when we sleep that our body is able to repair and restore the effects of daily stress most efficiently.

There are two elements to the Sleep Series; Sleep, which is made up of the Settle, Soothe and Anchor blends and Awake, which contains the Rise and Shine blends.

Settle: Use on those nights when sleep evades you, when you are wide awake, mind buzzing, feeling restless and a to do list is running through your head:

Soothe: To be used when you are feeling anxious and struggle to let go of that governing thought through the night.

Anchor: Use Anchor when you wake frequently in the night, tossing and turning and cannot fall back to sleep, leaving you feeling exhausted in the morning.

Rise: Revive your tired energy and awaken your inner warrior come morning with Rise.

Shine: Choose Shine to help you break through the clouds and find vivacity and joy in your day.