Aug 19

Now you can give your hair some self-care every time you blow dry.

By Phoebe Spuyman

Imagine that every time you blow dry instead of causing wear and tear, stress, dehydration and general hair fatigue, you flipped the switch and gave your hair some real love. Color Wow Dream Cocktails turn your blow-dry session into a luxe treatment by infusing vital natural ingredients into the hair to help improve the overall quality of each strand. These nutrients become activated by heat improving the internal and external surface of the hair as you blow dry.

If you are prone to breakage, add the Dream Cocktail infused with Kale. This will make the hair twice as strong after just one use.

If your hair strands are super fine, add the Dream Cocktail infused with Carbs to thicken.

If your hair is dehydrated and dull, add the Dream Cocktail infused with Coconut, to hydrate and silken hair.

It couldn’t be easier. Now, thanks to the Color Wow Dream Cocktails, instead of blow drying the life out of your hair, use this time to resuscitate and restore it.

CHEERS…TO GOOD HEALTH FOR YOUR HAIR! *Kale-infused Cocktail can be applied as a first layer (to strengthen hair) before applying either Carb-infused Cocktail to thicken hair or Coconut-infused Cocktail to hydrate and silken hair.