Jun 18

Prepare your body for sun exposure from the inside

By Phoebe Spuyman

Come back from sun- soaked holidays with the ulimate golden tan- safely. Wear a high factor cream and take Sun Prime daily to help your body glow from the inside out.

Intended to be used alongside your SPF, start taking Hello Day Sun Prime Supplement three weeks before intense sun exposure, throughout your holiday and one month after your return to achieve your best ever, long lasting tan.

Hello Day Sun Prime is a food supplement containing amino acidsm vitamins and minerals, carefully selected by doctors and pharmacists to prime your skin for sun exposure.

Sun Prime’s combination of sunlight-preparation ingredients include:

  • ¬†Copper to help balance skin pigmentation
  • Vitamin A, E and Selenium to help protect skin cells from oxidative stress
  • Beta-Carotene & Lycopene to enhance tanned skin

Sun Prime: £24 available at www.hello-day.com

Keep your skin safe and protected from the inside with Hello Day.

Hello Day is a unique range of healthcare and wellbeing solutions designed specifically to help you prepare for and meet the challenges and changes each season brings. The beautiful seasonal boxes address the impact of nature’s cycles and provide a carefully selected range of natural supplements to aid natural health.

Supplements are made of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. No chemicals, no side effects: just 100% goodness, Hello Day also has a selection of individual products for specific problems such as allergies, stress or fatigue.