Jan 20

Reset Your Body after the Party Season with Remodelage

By Phoebe Spuyman

Reshape and refine your body and make 2020 your healthiest year yet with a unique approach to body detoxifying that will provide long lasting, positive changes to your wellbeing. Aid your mind and body with the Body Remodelage technique created by Martine de Richeville the renowned acupuncturist, whose innovative treatments are targeted to clear your body of toxins and inflammation.

The original Remodelage method works to clear out blockages created by physical and emotional imbalances within the body to create a refined silhouette and clear mind giving you the perfect start to 2020.

Rediscover a defined, toned physique with Martine de Richeville’s revolutionary Remodelage: The pioneering Remodelage treatment that will rid your body of toxins and leave it revitalised. Martine de Richeville’s approach uses a manual slimming and toning technique – incorporating the unique ‘8’ motion for which she is renowned – to leave your body detoxed, toned and refined.

How does Remodelage work?  This toning technique identifies and softens older fat deposits to allow a stronger capillary circulation – acknowledged as the only effective method of eliminating excess fat in the tissue, restoring skin tonicity and smooth texture. It works specifically on the most important organs that filter metabolic waste and flush out the toxins. The result: immediate benefits will include improved digestion, reduced stress and anxiety, improved circulation and detoxification of the outer layers of the body, providing an instant feeling of wellbeing. The long term benefits include a natural slimming of the silhouette, strengthened immune system and calmer body and mind.

Reshape & Recharge with Remodelage at Martine de Richeville Body Remodelage: £180 / 50-minute session – £1,600 / block of 10 sessions.

Martine de Richeville London, a luxurious space comprising of three treatment rooms, which has gained a devoted following of A-listers, models and beauty aficionados since its Paris launch in 1998. Based in Kensington, the luxurious clinic, run by Martine’s highly experienced son, Julien, also offers the new Facial Remodelage  technique – a ground-breaking, needle-free treatment that will leave skin astonishingly plumped and radiant.

Martine de Richeville’s Flagship Clinic in Kensington
11 Elvaston Place, London, SW7 5QG, Tel. 020 3976 6446. www.martinedericheville.com
For further information please contact: Louize@imaginationpr.co.uk