Jun 21

Ruby Hammer’s NEW Yellow Porcelain Brush Holder

By Phoebe Spuyman

Adding a pop of sunshine to any home, Ruby Hammer’s NEW Yellow Porcelain Brush Holder is the perfect addition to your beauty desk. A practical, stylish solution for all your makeup brushes and tools, this new Brush Holder will add joy to any room.

“I call these brush holders ‘My Pots of Joy’ because they do just that – they make me smile. They’re an essential item for me, to keep my brushes organised, but being practical doesn’t have to mean boring. These brush holders are made to be seen!” – Ruby Hammer

With brushes being such a key part of Ruby’s work as an MUA, she wanted to create a brush holder to grace the homes of the style-conscious. Joining the existing fluorescent pink and orange, the new yellow colour is a fun addition to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Whether you’re decorating an eclectic, vibrant home or a minimalist, zen space, the Porcelain Brush Holder fits in with your décor, whatever your style.

Available now from www.rubyhammer.com