Mar 20

Stop! Don’t Reach For The Box…

By Phoebe Spuyman

Get the help of Color Wow Root Cover Up, the best-selling haircare hero, to touch up regrowth at home!

The original Root Cover Up seamlessly covers grey roots and dark re-growth without the use of peroxide. With a multi-tonal, water resistant formula, Root Cover
Up dramatically extends the time between salon visits.

For most of the 75% of women that colour their hair, on average it’s only 4 weeks until your real colour is revealed. Be you a bottle blonde or a dedicated grey
root ‘camouflager’… the current global crisis means a trip to the salon is definitely out.

But, your colourist implores “please don’t reach for box colour”, a colour correction is not only expensive, but you may not be able to get an appointment… so your ColorWow hair superhero is one click away – it’s (Root Cover
Up) to the rescue!

MINUTE, here’s why:

7 Reasons Why OUR Root Cover Up is #1

  1. Easy, instant, precise: Just press and no mess!
  2. Temporary colour: Stays in until shampooed.
  3. Reflective mineral powder gives a multi-dimensional natural look, even refreshes highlights
  4. Never stiff, sticky or waxy like mascaras, crayons + sprays
  5. Great value! 6-12 months of usage from one compact*
  6. No waxes, no parabens, no dyes and NO PPD’S – safe to use during pregnancy
  7. Fills in gaps around the hairline and even brows to create a fuller and thicker look

*50% grey 12 months, 90-100% grey 6 months

Price: £28.50/31.95 available in 8 multi-dimensional shades from Platinum through to Black, each blend seamlessly with any hair colour.
Color Wow is available on colorwowhair.com (FREE delivery orders over £35)
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