Dec 23

Upgrade your regime with meder’s new super-powered formulations: Blepharo-Light Eye Cream

By Emily Lewis

Blepharo-Light Eye Cream (£42/15ml)

Renowned for its ability to reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eye area, Blepharo-Light eye cream is a real skin biohacking therapy. By using the skins own molecular structure, Blepharo-Light helps to improve skin functionality with ingredients able to interact with targeted cellular structures within the skin and promote positive skin health responses. This light silky texture created with a skin-identical lecithin and vegan glycerin helps Blepharo-Light to penetrate deep into the skin faster than any cream you’ve tried before. *Brightens skin around the eye area *Restores skin radiance, tones and reduces under eye bags, dark circles and all signs of fatigue including wrinkles!

Original High-Performing Ingredients: Caffeine tightens blood vessels helping remove excess liquid and slow down photo ageing. Horse chestnut extract (escin) strengthens capillaries, fights inflammation and immediately reduces swelling. Niacinamide stimulates microcirculation increasing liquid drainage, fights age-related changes and reduces pigmentation.

Additional NEW ingredients come from bio-tech science to make Blepharo-Light’s formulation even more powerful and effective than before. Bio-technology uses biological systems, living organisms or part of it such as cells or cell cultures to create innovative ingredients in a laboratory. Bioecolia prebiotic and inactivated Lactobacillus restores diversity of the eye area microbiome, calms redness and irritation and helps to rehydrate dry skin naturally. Peptide Eyeseryl restores collagen structure and boosts fresh collagen production, whilst helping reduce bags and diminishes wrinkles.

“Recently it has been discovered that the main cause of eye bag development seems to be glycation. Yes, infamous “sugar face”! To eliminate this sugar glue from collagen, we are using a revolutionary peptide Eyeseryl helping to eliminate sugar links, restore collagen structure and boost fresh collagen production. The best thing about this peptide – it helps reduce bags but also diminishes wrinkles!” Dr Tiina Meder, Founder.