May 22

de Mamiel Gravity Fix

By Phoebe Spuyman

A targeted restorative & re-defining stress response serum

When we’re under stress our bodies produce Cortisol. This has a wide-ranging influence on aspects of our metabolism, particularly the pathways in the skin most closely associated with ageing – our stress responses. To promote healthy skin, radiance and vitality we need to influence the metabolic pathways and target the visible signs of stress.


Gravity Fix targets the specific stress response of Glycation, which occurs when long-term elevated cortisol produces excess glucose. In women over 30, raised glucose levels are particularly prevalent due to higher stress levels, changing lifestyle habits and a decline in oestrogen. When your skin’s metabolic pathway is predisposed to glycation you may experience wrinkles, sagginess, dullness and a weakened barrier function.


“For some, stress affects the skin through the glycation pathway causing degradation of collagen and elastin and, over time, loss of tone and firmness in the skin. Gravity Fix specifically targets this pathway, helping to rebuild and firm the skin” – Annee de Mamiel

How It Works
An all-natural combination of green biotech, plant actives and extracts, Gravity Fix includes Glycoin, a natural stress protection molecule which helps reactivate cell energy as it smooths and redensifies. Goji Berry stimulates collagen production and biofermented Retinal, a precursor to retinoic acid, encourages cell turnover, plumps and promotes elasticity which is so needed in slackened skin. Red algae conditions and protects telomeres to help retard skin ageing, Ceramides strengthen the protective skin barrier while White Truffle brightens and Acetyl Glycosamine encourages the production of Hyaluronic Acid to improve hydration and suppleness.


Formulated using de Mamiel’s East meets West clean clinical approach, Gravity Fix harnesses the power of aromatherapy to actively reduce the impact of stress, instil a sense of grounding calm and gently restore skin to its glowing, hydrated and balanced best.