Jan 18

Immerse Your Skin in the Lightest Water Molecule on Earth; Exclusive to Elixseri.

By Phoebe Spuyman

Light Water is the extraordinary core ingredient within Elixseri’s new high tech, targeted range of skincare serums. A ground-breaking and exclusive innovation, it is the lightest and most bio-identical water available on the planet – less dense, more fluid, physically lighter than ordinary water. The Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water is used in medicine to improve physiological and metabolic processes in the body, with promising studies and multiple publications demonstrating its impressive ability to aid in wound healing, slow tumour growth and fight insulin resistance. Elixseri has the exclusive, patented use of Light Water in cosmetics and have created their own unique Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water.


What benefit can this bring to skin?

Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water is scientifically proven to penetrate deeper, bringing 16% more potent actives directly to the cells and improving their efficacy. Using Elixseri’s exclusive BRGT™ (Bio Regenerative Technology) approach, this patent pending water is then fused with potent, natural botanical extracts to create Elixseri’s targeted action serums.


Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water:

Penetrates deeper into the skin

Preserves Meristem concentrates longer

Brings 16% more actives directly to the cells

Rebalances the natural hydration levels in the skin

Has a favourable impact on the skin’s microbiome, decreasing inflammation and redness


How is Elixseri’s Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water Made?

Originating in the Swiss mountain glaciers, the water is distilled through a 6 metre steam column in the Elixseri lab to lighten the molecules and render the water more fluid, which removes heavy isotopes from the water to make it more soluble; an ideal development for skin care.

The Light Water then flows through a Swiss engineered filtration system that uses a crystal core to provide an additional charge to the water. The crystal core consists of diamond, amethyst, sapphire and Swiss quartz, all linked with healing and regeneration. This water becomes Elixseri’s Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water.


Elixseri’s Serums

Elixseri are the SERUM EXPERTS, focusing only on high performing serums. Each one focuses on an individual targeted short-term result as well as deep, long-term skin regeneration.