Sep 21

Meder Hydra-Fill Concentrate

By Phoebe Spuyman

A natural water-attracting serum to transform thirsty skin and restore its hydration functionality by more than a decade in just two weeks!


Meder Beauty, the first professional microbiome friendly skincare range, introduces the new upgraded HydraFill Concentrate is a delicate gel based on a complex of prebiotic, probiotic and epigenetically active plantbased ingredients. The concentrate creates the effect of dynamic hydration and 3D water circulation, maintaining the cell activity both on the surface and in the deepest layers of the skin.

Hydra-Fill Concentrate has always been one of Meder Beauty’s bestsellers – it’s moisturising and filling effect is universal and instantly noticeable. Now with the use of new epigenetic ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome, founder Dr Tiina Meder, has elevated the concentrate formula to provide deep three-dimensional hydration for your skin. See below for key ingredients and new ingredients upgrades.

1. UNCHANGED: HYALURONIC ACID – The key component of Hydra-Fill is hyaluronic acid in its high molecular weight, which instantly creates a microbiome-friendly layer on the skin and its low-molecular weight to penetrate deep and activate the synthesis of the skin’s own hyaluronic acid.

2. NEW: EPIGENETIC PROTECTION AND NATURAL WATER MAGNET – An epigenetically active complex of plant-based glycerine and xylitol works to enhance the synthesis of hyaluronic acid deep in the skin. A natural magnet principle is employed to retain moisture on the skin surface by using the ionic activity of bio-fermented polysaccharide plates to help retain water both on the surface and in the lipid spaces of the keratinous layer, activating microcirculation and metabolic processes for instantly softer and smoother the skin.

3. NEW: PREBIOTIC TO PREVENT FLAKING: In dehydrated skin, the microbiome quickly loses its diversity and develops an imbalance, which favours harmful microorganisms, causing irritation and flaking. Meder introduces a new prebiotic obtained from bio-fermented glycine that brings back the healthy skin pH 4.8 – 5.0
to quickly restores the normal diversity of microbiome.

4. NEW: PROBIOTIC FROM THE ARCTIC OCEAN – Enriched with a new probiotic based on a rare arctic bacterium discovered in the seawater 2700 m deep by the shores of Greenland. It has the unique ability to suppress the enzyme activity that destroys the skin’s structural elements by 53%, restoring the skin of a 50-year old woman to the functioning level of a 35-38-year-old in the first 10-14 days of use!
Use Hydra-Fill Concentrate twice daily after cleansing and applying your antioxidant serum, skin will feel less dry and sensitive within a few days of use.

Available from August 2021 at mederbeauty.com and select clinics nationwide.