Nov 22

Meder x Skin Trust Club

By Phoebe Spuyman



Meder Beauty, founded by Dr Tiina Meder becomes the first dermatologist-led skincare brand to join the Skin Trust Club platform, a science-backed skin health tracking app.

The partnership between the Skin Trust Club and Meder Beauty combines an extensive skin microbiome database with Dr Tiina Meder’s skincare expertise to offer consumers worldwide insight into their personal microbiome while identifying products that suit their skin.

Skin Trust Club enables consumers to understand their microbiome based on innovative lab testing from an individual swab via a home test kit. Once the sample is analysed, the health tracking app updates in real-time. The results include a personalised skincare routine using a collection of brand partner products, now including Meder Beauty, that suit the consumer’s unique skin microbiome. The visibility of the consumer microbiome levels allows for the Meder Beauty products to achieve maximum impact.

In addition, Meder Beauty will be the first brand partner to develop the Dermatologist platform that offers them and their patients a tool to monitor their skin health.

“Our skin is an ecosystem consisting of human cells and billions of live microorganisms. Our approach is to develop skincare which is good both for the skin and for our micro friends. This partnership with Skin Trust Club will enable us to reach more people across the world with more intricate and diverse skin issues and offer bespoke treatments and home care products to help deliver viable results for even severe skin problems.” – Dr Tiina Meder

The Skin Trust Club home test kits are available to be purchased at www.skintrustclub.com and are priced at £99 for a single test kit.