Mar 19

Reshape & Recharge with Remodelage at Martine de Richeville

By Phoebe Spuyman

Start prepping your mind and body for Summer with Remodelage at the new Martine de Richeville clinic in London. Detox, tone and refine your body through the manual slimming and toning technique which incorporates a specific ‘8’ motion created by Martine.

This toning technique identifies and softens the older fat deposits allowing a stronger capillary circulation which is the only real method to eliminate fat excess in the tissue, restore skin tonicity and texture. The treatment helps the body to retract to ideal proportions while slimming and toning the silhouette making it the perfect prep for summer. This unique method not only aids toning and slimming but also works specifically on the most important organs that filter the metabolic waste and flush out the toxins.

THE RESULT: The body is detoxified, the immune system is strengthened and resistance to stress and fatigue improves preparing your body and mind for the summer months.

Body Remodelage: £180 50-minute session – £1,600 for a block of 10 sessions.

Martine de Richeville Flagship Clinic in Kensington:
11 Elvaston Place

Tel. 020 3976 6446

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or call 020 3384 9750