Mar 18

Sanoflore appoint Imagination PR!

By Phoebe Spuyman

We are super excited to now be handling the press and publicity for certified organic, clinically tested skincare brand, Sanoflore. L’Oréal’s only organic skincare brand, Sanoflore’s botanical ingredients originate in the Vercors Natural Park in the south of France, where the brand was founded in 1972, and remains one of Europe’s best protected regions and France’s largest controlled organic area.

April will see the launch of the brand’s new anti-ageing collection, Merveilleuse. The hero, Essence merveilleuse, is a nightly dry oil with organic Lemon Balm and organic Geranium oil that have been clinically proven to rival the anti-ageing effects of retinol and Vitamin C. Clinical tests revealed that 85% of users noticed their complexion looked invigorated after one use, and 83% noticed skin looked revitalised after 4 weeks. The range also includes both a light moisturiser and rich balm and is suitable for sensitive skin, and all have vegan formulations.

Sanoflore’s other heroes include Elixir des reines, a rejuvenating serum with pure royal jelly and hyaluronic acid, Aqua magnifica, a blemish-purifying toner with organic peppermint, and Rosa angelica Baume de rosée, a nightly re-hydrating balm-in-gel with damascan rose essential oil and hyaluronic acid.

Watch this space for all new-ness, and give them a follow on instagram, @sanofloreuk!