Dec 19

Soothe your senses with Bramley’s NEW Calm Balm

By Phoebe Spuyman

Bramley Calm Balm has been created with a nurturing blend of hydrating rosehip, soothing chamomile and healing yarrow to help you find a sense of calm when you need it most. Simply massage into wrists and temples before bed for a naturally restful night’s sleep, or rub into hands, cup over your nose and breathe deeply to take comfort in times of stress.

“I created Calm Balm to offer a sense of the peace found in the British countryside,” explained Chloë Luxton, Bramley’s Founder. “The soothing properties of our fine essential oils can help promote restful sleep, or bring calm in moments of stress. I take my Calm Balm with me everywhere; it helps me take a moment to stop and breathe.”

Bramley’s Calm Balm is made from the finest essential oils and natural ingredients. It  is entirely cruelty free, skin kind and suitable for everyone – including vegans. The essential oils used in each Bramley product are fair trade, wild crafted, grown sustainably and sourced with integrity. The packaging is recyclable and all product ingredients are biodegradable; ensuring that Bramley is as safe for the environment as it is for you.

The Bramley Calm Balm  launches November available from www.bramleyproducts.co.uk and costs £8 / 15g, £22 / 50g

For more information on Bramley Calm Balmor other Bramley products, please contact

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