Feb 20


By Phoebe Spuyman

The ultimate VIP experience to prepare skin for that very special event. Designed to deliver supremely beautiful skin for maximum red-carpet confidence, developed by Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams and the award-winning Eudelo team.

When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime special occasions such as a wedding, or for those with a busy schedule of red-carpet events, a radiant, fresh visage is an absolute must. Under the scrutiny of paparazzi lenses or the glare of TV lights, every pore and line can be seen in high definition and the skin may appear dull and lacklustre – so high-profile skin needs the ultimate in luxury preparation to glow with pristine health, hydration and vitality.

Enter the Eudelo 11K FacialTM from the multi-award winning Eudelo Clinic – pioneered by the intelligentsia’s go-to dermatologist and skin expert, Dr Stefanie Williams. This comprehensive red-carpet prep represents the pinnacle of getting your skin ready for a special day, delivered in a focused two-week pre-event timeframe. Ideal for red-carpet regulars, the Eudelo 11K FacialTM truly enables you to rise to any occasion with confidence, with beautifully glowing skin and no downtime.

The protocol combines the crème de la crème of Eudelo’s arsenal of high-tech skin rejuvenation technologies and expertise to re-fresh the skin from the inside out, including Dermatology Grade Facials, cutting-edge systemic oxygen therapy from Germany, IV hydration & energy drips, full body lymphatic drainage as well as cryo stimulation, plus a thought trough supplement regime.

The result – an intensively focused skin transformation from the inside out, for a radiantly healthy glow, leaving your skin red-carpet ready in just two weeks!

“In preparation for red-carpet events, high-profile individuals often need a transformative skin result within a very short time frame, without downtime and most importantly 100% natural looking” says Dr Stefanie. “They don’t want any rumours of aesthetic injectables or plastic surgery, but simply a healthy radiance that turns heads. Our comprehensive red-carpet prep has been specifically designed to offer exactly that, leaving the person feeling confident and looking fresh with a beautiful glow from the inside out – all within a fast two-week timeframe!”


The two-week protocol can be tailored to your individual needs and timings, but the routine regime includes:


  1. A Dermatology Grade Facial to kickstart the skin transformation:
    Clarifying the skin, improving skin texture, pore size and radiance,
    all for a beautifully revitalised skin surface.
  2. At the same appointment, an innovative IV drip is given for boosting hydration and energy


  1. 6 sessions (three per week) of IHHT (Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy):
    A cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment that involves alternating between breathing in hypoxic (low oxygen) and hyperoxic (high oxygen) air through a mask.
    IHHT helps balancing the autonomic nervous system (which is great for managing stressful situations!) and supports optimal cell regeneration by rejuvenating our cells’ power houses called mitochondria
  2. 6 sessions (three per week) of full body lymphatic drainage to help rid the body of toxins and excess fluid
  3. 6 sessions (three per week) of cryostimulation:
    this non-invasive, no down-time treatment not only releases endorphins (the body’s ‘happy hormone’), but also improves microcirculation in the skin and boosts collagen and elastin production

The above three treatments are done during the same appointment


  1. At the end of the 2-week period, another Dermatology Grade Facial is performed to calm, revitalise and deeply hydrate the skin prior to the event
  2. At the same appointment, there is also another IV drip for boosting hydration and energy


A supplement regime of:

  • liposomal Glutathione (to help with skin brightening)
  • CBD oil (for anti-inflammatory benefits* and also to help helps balance the autonomic nervous system)
  • Organic Turmeric for anti-inflammatory* benefits (*it is known that stress can activate micro-inflammation in body and skin)

The Eudelo 11K Facial

Price: £11,000 for the full two-week course

Subject to prior consultation

Dr Stefanie Williams is founder and Medical Director at Eudelo. She is a fully qualified, GMC registered medical doctor, a Specialist Dermatologist and key opinion leader in the industry. Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing is a Dermatologist-led, multi-award-winning private skin clinic in Central London. Eudelo not only treats the entire spectrum of skin diseases and troubled skin, but also practices Aesthetic Dermatology, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.


For more information, interview or treatment requests, please contact Emily Lewis or Becky Core at Imagination PR on 020 3384 9750 emily@imaginationpr.co.uk or becky@imaginationpr.co.uk