Mar 22

Bramley Little B Vapour Balm

By Phoebe Spuyman

Help for little stuffy noses this cold season.

When coughs and colds arrive, so too do blocked noses. For small children this means interrupted nights for them…and their parents. At Bramley, we know how important it is (for everyone!) that our little ones get a good night’s sleep –
particularly when they’re feeling unwell.

Little B Vapour Balm is an all-natural, gentle blend of essential oils to help to decongest little noses and relax little bodies. We chose each of the oils carefully, and together they work a treat to help the night pass more peacefully when colds arrive.


The cleverest of botanical ingredients…

Eucalyptus Oil
Well known for its naturally decongestive benefits and comforting medicinal fragrance.

Rosemary Oil
Prized for its relaxing powers and seemingly miraculous ability to clear fractious minds.

Chamomile Oil
A well-known sleep promoter and all-round soother.


How to use
After a bath, smooth Little B Vapour Balm onto chest and back. Another way to use it is to apply to the soles of the feet, then pop on a pair of socks over the top. Although not clinically proven, we’ve seen this funny little trick work enough times to think it’s worth trying!


Sizes & Prices
Mini Little B Vapour Balm, 15g, £10.00 – Comes in a 100% recyclable tin
Little B Vapour Balm, 50g, £20.00 – Comes in a 100% recyclable glass jar