Apr 22

LANO 101 Dry Skin Super Cream

By Phoebe Spuyman

A multipurpose cream for face + body. Lano 101 Dry Skin Super Cream is a deeply hydrating and replenishing multipurpose cream for face and body. It has triple the lanolin of standard creams, with a rich, whipped creamy texture. Dermatologically tested for the most sensitive skin*. For skin that is hydrated, soft, smooth and comfortable.

A unique, intentionally grippy texture creates a skin barrier. 101 Dry Skin Super Cream has been created to intentionally grip the skin before it’s absorbed, creating a barrier to protect and promote hydration from within. Massage a layer into dry skin, and after a few minutes, the cream will absorb leaving behind a soft, smooth and ultra-hydrated skin surface, with a unique protective barrier. Like a hydration glove.

After first use 98% improvement in hydration**.

Dermatologist insight “Given the excellent hydrating properties of lanolin and the lanolin content in the Lanolips Dry Skin Super Cream, dry skin types would benefit best from this product. It is also a great option for targeting problem areas such as dry, flaky patches of skin, that occur intermittently or with seasonal changes (suchas
in the winter months)”***Dr. Annika Smith, Sydney Dermatologist

Multipurpose Uses:

Face – Apply as a deep hydration mask or use for slugging.
Hands – Smooth & protect skin for softer, silkier hands.
Legs – Moisturise scaly, dry, ashy, itchy legs & cracked heels.
Body – Hydrate every inch of your skin from head to toe.