Oct 17

SKINCEUTICALS CLEANSERS: Refreshed & Reformulated

By Phoebe Spuyman

SkinCeuticals much loved Gentle Cleanser, Simply Clean have been reformulated to enhance their efficacy, and all three cleansers, including the much loved Blemish + Age Cleansing Gel are back with brand new packaging.

Whats new?

  • Simply Clean now has added enzymatic action for an improved cleanse
  • Gentle Cleanser has an improved surfactant system to remove long-wear makeup
  • All three (including Blemish + Age Cleansing Gel) have been repackaged to make them look sleeker, more environmentally friendly and easier to hold and use in the shower.

SkinCeuticals cleansers combine active ingredients with advanced surfactant technology to effectively lift impurities, makeup, dead skin cells, and excess oil without stripping the skin. These ‘problem-solution’ cleansers are designed to address specific skin concerns such as blemishes, excess oil, or dryness, while perfectly prepping skin for your daily skincare routine or professional facial treatments