Nov 17

John Frieda Salons introduce the Winter Heavyweight Blow Dry.

By Phoebe Spuyman

Wave goodbye to carefree beach waves, dishevelled curls and unkempt kinks.

With winter comes a striking new look; sleek, chic and ultra-glossy. The perfect accessory for longer evenings, cashmere sweaters and black leather skirts, John Frieda Salons introduce the Winter Heavyweight Blow Dry.

The Winter Heavyweight gives you super swingy, lustrous hair, expertly styled with the secret ingredient that holds the movement long after you leave the salon. So…. the secret? Subtle, skilfully applied weight at the ends. The John Frieda Winter Heavyweight banishes frizz and static to keep your glossy winter style soft, swingy and sleek, whatever the weather.

“This is a great way to give hair an instant winter 2017 update without dramatically changing the style,” explains Senior Stylist, Jake Davis. “It’s all about adding a touch of weight at the tip of the hair, keeping the style lustrous and sleek. Blow drying right down the hair shaft and using the right products creates a mirror-like shine and gloss that screams sophistication.”

Added during your blow dry to keep it looking perfect, even in a downpour, is Color Wow Dream Coat. It fights puffiness and frizz by controlling moisture levels and locking the cuticle down as tight and smooth as possible. Dream Coat uses a ground-breaking, heat activated polymer technology that scatters tiny droplets randomly on hair’s surface. When heated during the blow-dry these droplets connect and crosslink forming an invisible, hydrophobic matrix and sheathes every strand in a light, imperceptible ‘raincoat’ that repels moisture.