Apr 22


By Phoebe Spuyman

Hair thinning and hair loss in both women and men is a growing issue. And one that the botanical experts at Klorane are fighting hard against – and winning at. The solution? Using their hero botanical innovation, Quinine, combined with organic Alpine Edelweiss and extracts of caffeine that work together in harmony to strengthen hair.

Klorane’s Hair Strengthening Serum (RRP £24.50/ 100ml). This hair elixir, formulated with 98% natural ingredients, comes with impressive results. Its intelligent cocktail of Menthol, Quinine, Organic Edelweiss, Manganese, Vitamin B and Caffeine work to promote stronger, healthier hair**.

Maximise the effects and go double duty with Klorane’s Quinine KERATINcaps (RRP £19.00/ 30 capsules) food supplements. The condition of your hair and the health of your scalp are first and foremost influenced by what is going on internally. A balanced diet including plenty of vibrant vegetables is non-negotiable if you want a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. But, you can also boost your diet with a supplement and Klorane’s Quinine KERTINcaps do this and more. A blend of Keratin, Vitamins, Zinc and Selenium work intelligently to nourish the hair bulb and nail beds while both thickening and adding shine to hair and nails. It helps to maintain optimum level of keratin (the main component of hair follicles), while delivering vitamins and minerals to improve the appearance of your hair. Minerals such as Zinc and Selenium also contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair and nails.

If you’re looking to revamp your haircare ritual, start with the basics. Klorane’s ecologically formulated natural shampoo and conditioner are the cornerstones of this specialised hair care ritual. With Quinine and Edelweiss extracts, Vitamin B and Caffeine, this vegan Shampoo (RRP £9.00/ £14.00) gently cleanses, strengthens, revitalizes hair and limits breakages while the colorant-free Conditioner (RRP £10.00) detangles hair, reinforces the fiber and prevents hair from snapping after just one wash. After 3 month of usage, 84% felt hair was fortified and strengthened.***

WHAT IS QUININE? Hand-harvested from the bark of the Cinchona tree found in South America, Quinine is used for it’s proven strengthening power. For 50 years, Klorane has been exploring strengthening properties of cinchona extract, a plant patented three times by Klorane. Combined with Caffeine and Organic Edelweiss, Quinine has an enhanced action on strengthening hair and helping reduce hair loss.

WHY EDLEWEISS? Grown in its native environment, the Swiss Alps, at an altitude of over 1,000 m. Klorane uses “Helvetia” variety for its high content in active ingredients and fair trade-certification. Rich in antioxidants, Edelweiss is known for its resilience and skin soothing properties. Klorane ensures their practices are environmentally considerate too. The KLORANE BOTANICAL FOUNDATION supports projects in Ecuador that aims to increase reforestation, restore biodiversity to the Amazon and help to develop a small-farming production chain for fruits and lumber.

1. Shampoo RRP £9.00/ 200ml, £14.00/ 400ml
2. Conditioner RRP £10.00/ 200ml
3. Hair Strengthening Serum RRP £24.50/ 100ml
4. Quinine KERATINcaps supplements RRP £19.00/ 30 capsules
Available on Boots.com, Lookfantasic.com and selected pharmacies nationwide