Feb 22

The Bronte Clinic Dr Fiona McCarthy and Dr Samantha Brown launch female focused wellbeing clinic

By Phoebe Spuyman

Being female brings many privileges but also many challenges; our issues are frequently multi-layered and can transcend well-being & medicine. Often, we know we need help, but are unsure where to start or who to trust. The specific issue might not be clear, but we want to talk to a medical professional who will take
a holistic approach and help us figure it all out…this is exactly what we do at The Bronte Clinic.

With over 50 years medical experience combined, Dr Sam Brown, GP and menopause specialist, and Dr Fiona McCarthy, consultant oncologist and aesthetic doctor, have come together to form a highly experienced, trusted, clinic helping women address general health and wellbeing, with specific expertise around menopause, hormonal imbalances, aesthetics, contraception, PMS, PMDD and sleep disorders.

The Bronte Clinic offers meticulous medical care, evidence-based treatments and access to an exceptional network of trusted associates, experts in their field – the people Fiona and Sam would want to treat their own families, and in many cases have that share their core values of kindness in combination with clinical excellence. Each patient is treated with the care and compassion they deserve, with every woman and their concerns treated as unique and important, looking at the big picture and then delving into the detail to ensure no stone is left unturned. This fresh approach to healthcare allows women, particularly those not quite sure what they need, precious time to discuss their concerns without the time pressure that is unfortunately and understandably present within the NHS.

The team:

Dr Samantha Brown MBChB, DRCOG, MRCGP (Distinction), DFSRH
Dr Samantha Brown is a GP and menopause specialist with over 20 years
medical experience. As a GP she has a special interest in Women’s Health for all
ages. She is a member of the British Menopause Society, has the Advanced
Certificate in Menopause Care and provides holistic care for women going
through the peri-menopause and menopause. Dr Sam is passionate about
improving menopause care and awareness, she believes all women should be
aware of the symptoms they may face during these years and know how to
access care and correct treatment.

Dr Fiona McCarthy MB ChB MRCP PhD
Dr Fiona McCarthy is a consultant medical oncologist and aesthetic doctor with almost two decades of medical experience. Having graduated in medicine in 2002 from the University of Sheffield, Dr Fiona became a member of the Royal
College of Physicians in 2007 and specialised in oncology. As well as her
extensive clinical qualifications, she also maintains an academic interest and she
was awarded a PhD by the University of London in 2017 for her work on the links
between inflammation and cancer. Dr Fiona’s passion for aesthetics began when
she started investigating treatment options for her own skin issues post
pregnancy. She experienced first-hand how overwhelming the skincare and
aesthetic landscape could be and is now committed to demystifying the process
for her own patients, creating a foundation of trust and expert guidance to help achieve their skincare, beauty and wellbeing goals.

Dr Dani Russell is an experienced GP who graduated as a doctor from Kings College London in 2008. She also practises as an NHS GP and is a qualified GP trainer. Dr Dani has a specialist interest in women’s health including contraception and PMS/PMDD having previous experience working in family planning clinics and is a member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health. She has many years’ experience fitting and removing contraceptive coils and implants and she offers patient-specific advice regarding complex contraceptive issues. Dr Dani takes pride in treating her patients as a whole rather than just their symptoms. She is compassionate and thorough, following a patient centred approach to help empower patients take control of their health and make a plan that is personalised, practical and following current evidence.

The Bronte Menopause Consultation (£300.00 – 60mins)
Dr Samantha Brown provides a reassuring, compassionate space where you can talk about your symptoms or just how you are feeling, without being fobbed off. Dr Sam will listen, support and educate you during this important, and often daunting, first step on your Menopause journey. Dr Sam will take a medical/lifestyle history and then take time to explain your options for treatment including a discussion regarding lifestyle measures to help symptoms, different preparations of HRT or alternatives to HRT if required. As an experienced GP, Dr Sam can also as identify anything that comes up during the consultation which may not be related to the Menopause, and advise on any additional tests or referrals she thinks appropriate. Dr Sam holds an Advanced Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Menopause Care, which gives her a higher qualification in providing menopause care, and she is a member of The British Menopause Society.

The Bronte Wellness Consultation (£300.00 – 45mins + 15mins follow up apt)
Provides a detailed consultation and physical examination with Dr Sam or Dr Dani, giving you the time to really talk about you– your physical and mental health and well-being, lifestyle and what you are concerned about. This allows us to obtain a holistic picture of your current situation and what we can do to help. Depending on your specific concerns, a panel of blood tests (to include full blood count, Urea  electrolytes, Liver function tests, Calcium, Phosphate, Lipid profile, Glucose & HBA1C, Thyroid profile,Vitamin D, Iron studies, Vitamin B12, Folate) will be ordered and can be done at our partner hospital, The Lister. If you require a specialist opinion, we can refer you directly to one of our network of trusted consultants.

Bronte Aesthetics
Having any aesthetic procedure can be daunting and often intimidating – the majority of us just want to look good for our age rather than looking 20 years younger. There is often the absolute dread of looking “done” and Bronte Aesthetics run by Dr Fiona McCarthy provides sensible and no-nonsense advice to as well meticulously executed treatments and procedures. She will assess your face and advise not just on what is right and possible for you, but also on how to optimise your skincare regime. Treatments on offer include Botox, fillers, Profhilo, Morpheus8, micro needling and peels.

Bronte Contraception Consultation (£150.00 – 30mins)
With a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to get an NHS appointment at a suitable time with a doctor to discuss your contraceptive needs and options. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the waiting times for implant and coil insertions have unfortunately increased. Dr Sam or Dr Dani will take time to listen to your lifestyle, your preferences and any plans for future pregnancies before suggesting your contraceptive options. They will discuss any problems you may have had in the past with contraception and take a full medical history and examination so you can make a fully informed decision. The Bronte Clinic can prescribe contraceptive pills, give injections and fit coils or implants depending on your preference.

Sleep Consultation (£250.00 – 45mins)
Sleeping difficulties are common and are often caused by a multitude of factors. It is easy to slip into bad sleep habits and much harder to break them. Dr Dani gives a comprehensive assessment of your sleep issues and results in a plan that is practical and fits with your lifestyle. A key feature of the sleep consultation is to differentiate between primary and secondary insomnia and this is why The Bronte Clinic takes a whole-body approach to the issue. Prior to your appointment, it may be wise to keep a “sleep diary” for 2-3 weeks where you record your sleeping and waking times with related and relevant information. If a secondary cause of insomnia is suspected, your doctor will discuss any tests (including blood tests) that make be required to confirm the diagnosis. It may be necessary to refer you for a special type of talking therapy called CBTi, which can also help with sleeping difficulties. If you require blood tests, you will have a follow up consultation to explain the results and refer you to any specialists if appropriate.

PMS Consultation (£250.00 – 45mins)
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and the more severe form, known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder(PMDD), is often poorly recognised and managed, leaving some women feeling at a loss and not knowing where to turn. It is a hugely disabling condition that can affect many areas of a woman’s life including work and relationships. Dr Sam and Dr Dani have a deep understanding of PMS/PMDD and the huge impact it can have on women and their lives and will listen and discuss your concerns and symptoms to understand the impact they have. We will also rule out any other conditions that can mimic PMS. It may be necessary to perform some hormone blood tests, depending on your symptoms. Once diagnosis has been established, we can discuss treatment options and make an individualised plan that works for you.

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