Dec 23

Upgrade your regime with meder’s new super-powered formulations: Arma-Derm Cream

By Emily Lewis

Arma-Derm Cream (£90/50ml)

The moisturiser for dry skin, Arma-Derm is specially formulated to combat dryness and provide unparalleled results for all types of dry skin. Now with new understandings about the molecular mechanisms of skin dryness, Arma-Derm’s advanced formula is biohacking skincare for dryness, based on organic sweet almond oil enriched with Vitamin E – a rich but lightweight texture, softening and helping to regenerate skin immediately. The new upgraded formulation addresses all signs of dry skin, helping to eliminate all discomfort, fatigue, reduce age-related skin changes while restoring skin’s natural abilities to stay protected and maintain optimal health with the help of prebiotics, probiotics, skin identical lipids and vitamins.

Biohacking ingredients added to Arma-Derm’s formulation: Ceramides NP play a crucial role in skin protection, helps to reinforce the skin barrier immediately after application and significantly improves skin resilience after regular use. Probiotic Arctalys, contains rare polysaccharides restoring skin integrity and boosting synthesis of all essential types of collagen while restoring the skin firmness and natural protection. Skin moisture is increased up to 150% in the first 7 days of use and it changes skin dramatically. Prebiotic Aquaxyl, based on xylitol, magically eliminates skin flaking after a couple of applications. Aquaxyl suppresses the growth of microorganisms that cause skin flaking, helping to restore healthy skin microbiome. Also, this prebiotic helps to increase skin water reservoirs, boosting synthesis of hyaluronic acid in 183% after one month of use.** Prebiotic Bioecolia helps calm inflammation and sensitivity experienced by more than half people with skin dryness.

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